Sisters Sexxing and the City

September 3, 2007
That's not the title of some crazy porn dvd on the streets of 125th, well it probably is but not what this random labor day holiday post is about. Sisters Sexxing in the City - or the lack thereof- is the convo of any group of Black women on the fabulousness that is Sex and the City and then its obvious tragic flaw that the ladies had no Black friends or coworkers or friend of friends until Blair Underwood. After getting back from the West Indian Day parade in Brooklyn, I was so excited to see HBO on demand had moved on to the 5th season of Sex and the City.
And I must say, I hadn't noticed before the upgrade on the Black people on this season.
There's Steve's brother who married a Black woman.
A Black couple on the bench who Carrie looks to on the beach in Atlantic City
The Black limo driver who is so cool after Carrie's book party and takes her for a hotdog to celebrate.
Miranda's neighbor who is upset at Brady's crying and introduces herself as Kendal with a baby of her own, Aletha.
I should be doing something to help pay the rent instead of this random post. But watching Carrie always makes me want to blog. And don't hate me for saying this, but there is NOTHING like watching Sex and the City as a New Yorker. It's like watching the show with new eyes and appreciation. And the increase in diversity is definitely necessary to portray New York.
And the parade? Was so much fun! Great Jerk Chicken, cool folks and people represented hard for their countries . .. and let it all hang out.

My favorite part was the stilts! They were AMAZING! Dancing around on 6 feet of wood.


  1. Elle* said...:

    Girl...can you believe, I'm been here all these years and never been to the West Indian Day Parade? But I make sure I go to the African American Day Parade tho!! Haha. Hit me up if you wanna go. I'll see if I can get off work.

  1. jameil1922 said...:

    please ask some of them to put some back in!!! stilts are so cool. the lack of blacks in previous seasons was obviously brought to their attn. i just can't get into that show too much unless its the edited versions. then i can watch all day. i don't need to see that much naked flesh or hear that much vulgarity. i know people call me a blog prude but SO WHAT!! for me, some things should just stay in the bedroom! lolol. was that a rant on your blog? my bad!