The Single Life

September 20, 2007

Dating . . .
So Im not the only single girl out here trying to get the hang of this dating thing! ESSENCE has kicked off 30 Dates in 30 Days Dating Reality Show and it has been fabulous. The second date happened last night and log on now to watch. We have 5 ladies who will go on six dates each with six different guys. Nice right? Me and some of the girls at work were saying we'd be happy to do 30 dates in 365 days;) Not only can you watch the dates, but YOU vote on which guy the ladies go out with, where they go and what she wears.
The first bachelorette is Nicole, the talent producer for the Wendy Williams show, and she is comedy. If she didn't hit it off with Bernard last night I might have had to scoop him myself;)
So yes, check it out ASAP. And not just to see my name in the credits . . .
Can you tell Im WAAYY excited about that:)?

Mating . . .
That's what the boy Diddy is about. India did a fab interview with him yesterday and it is comedy. He's all flirting with her. But if that Ciroc is all that, I may have to do some seducing of my own. And the journalist in me could ring her neck for not going for the zinger when he answered what he wanted for Christmas was to be with all his kids. Did that include the baby in Atlanta?? Be sure to check Kim Porter's interview in the Keyshia Cole issue with all the juice.
I've been really thinking lately I would enjoy specializing in relationships as a beat and have been telling anyone who will listen:) Maryann is already on her way with her Baltimore Sun blog BaltAmour! What a clever name:)

Waiting . . .
Being single requires a great deal of patience. And for some girls a whole lot more than others when their special guy is in jail:(
That's why I'm in my black dress today to show my support for Jena Six. It may not make a big difference but only takes one person and one spark for big change. Though, I'll be real, with these big gold earrings its more fly girl than progressive intellect . . .hmm. I thought it was cool to hear this morning how David Bowie can $10,000 to the Jena legal fund.
This morning at the corner of my blog the guys gave me the usual approval that the dress was a good choice (and yes, I admit I have been feeling a little cuter after dropping a few due to stress). One yells, "yo, I need to go get some black myself. That's looking good." Then another to me, "Yeah you know today is all black." I tilt my head to the side (inside thinking "No Sh*t") and just say "yeah."
But wearing Black for a place hundreds of miles away is not really a solution, just a small reminder to society. . Jozen's column actually made some good points for a change:) I've been a big believer of "Think globally, Act Locally" every since I saw the phrase on a car bumper sticker a few years back.


  1. jameil1922 said...:

    how do i watch the first date? the 2nd one was comedy. congrats on the credits! shouts to bowie!! i know that's right!!

  1. shani-o said...:

    Yay! Update! *slinks off*