Get out the mustard

September 15, 2007
If you can't ketch up(I know Im a loser for that one:)
See, the thing when you don't post on a blog as things happen, is you have no idea where to start because so much has happened you don't know how to sum it up in 2.5. It's like trying to explain the Color Purple to someone who walks in when Nettie makes it home. I mean I could explain, but where to start? So though it's only been a week since I blogged I feel like so much has happened. I mean yesterday at work I was elated when one of the editors emailed the staff that Mychael Bell of the Jena Six had just had his conviction overturned. Though all the cases are far from over, it was a big step. A huge needed step. I must admit I was becoming resigned and accepting their case and Genarlow and other wrongs in society as "that's just the way it is." So I needed that conviction overturned more than I realized, to be reminded of the great power we have as citizens. I mean I think its a miracle less than 150 years after the legal ending of slavery and just 5o years after the legal ending of Jim Crow and segregation, that we even have the option to pretend racial injustices don't exist. If you just stop for a second, yeah, we still have a loong way to go as these recent cases prove, but they create a moment to reflect on the progress that has been made, even if some of that ground has been lost.
I know on this blog a lot of times it's all about me, me, me, but any true queen is only as great as the people she serves. I told one of my mentors how I was feeling restless not being majorly involved in any community service projects in the city. I promise to pull my weight in helping make this place better asap.
Wow. I hadn't planned this post to be a PSA, but just a week wrap up. I even planned Nettie and Celie's reunion to lead into The View and Whoppi/Celie saying to me in the middle of me asking her a few questions, "You have the greatest eyes, you have the greatest eyes. They're very rich." Before I could wallow in the compliment, KB said I was pulling a lot of girl on girl attention lately. hmmm.
The View was hilarious as all these soccer moms hooped and hollered and Sherri's first day was great. It was classic to see Marcus and the rest of the guys in the audience faces when Whoppi was getting sized for a bra on the show and everyone in the audience was told they'd get a free fitting and bra. I had a great quick interview with Sherri afterward and stumbled upon her closest friends of 15 years and that's what made me respect her more than anything. She made it to the top and her girls are along for the ride. Next weekend my girls are coming to NY and I can't wait!!! I admit I am feening a trip home so their visit will have to bring home to me.
And me and Sherri aren't the only ones with fabulous friends. Wednesday Zandile's, led by her fierce BF Julee who recently was promoted to associate fashion editor at Real Simple (nice!) threw her a surprise going away party and it was soooo much fun. I mean, Z's a fashion writer and one of Atoosa's Alpha Kittys so the fashion VIPs were out in full force. The brownstone of Candy Apple editor Latoya was phenomn. I am fighting not to be a name dropper. Much talk centered on Fashion Week and I will admit i was enjoying the company of so many fashion guys. I didn't go to any shows but my camera did as Pam borrowed it for her style blog. Check out the pics and my handy photoshopping;). And you know no young black event is complete without a sprinkle of HU folks. I met India and it was like we were friends forever both from Decatur, hitting Howard then NY. And you know Im always happy to find a new AIM buddy;) She was responsible for the infamous fashion show my freshman year with Venus and Serena. But what really made the party so right was the fact that Zandile's mom and aunt were there (pictured here) and her genuine surprise at seeing them there with all her friends brought tears to more eyes than just hers.
Yesterday before leaving work I helped BB with her blog a little and she has a great interview up she did with Michaela angela davis. Her definition of style is a good one. Later I went to one of my homie's who lives around the corner to play spades though I didn't even end up playing. I did have a good time though. A really good time. And am in the market for more friends that live close by as it cools off outside. Sorry for the looonng post. And I totally left the ABC offices without getting my free bra. Argh.



  1. Mademoiselle M said...:

    oh i'm mad you forgot the free bra! lol. i don't really have another comment, happy to see you had a good week. tata

  1. jameil1922 said...:

    naaaaaaaaaaame dropper w/yo rich-eyed self!! not a fan of the view. at all. lololol.