Season Of Sense

May 17, 2009
So, I did this whole I'm back to blogging post over the weekend and it got deleted. Just as well.

What's been holding me back from blogging sooner is feeling I'm not all the way real of I come talking about all the good stuff like seeing the pride in John Legend as he bounced around during his brother Vaughn Anthony's showcase last week or laughing with my girls or the BF, or seeing my lil cousin graduate from Hampton last weekend, without adding getting bad news about one of my friend last week, or the reality of my grandmother slowing downnnnn.

But it's all life and if anything those mortal moments remind you to live life in the moment.

And as rough as it is to get out the bed some mornings, Im thankful for the eye crust and a desk to go sit at (one morning with my shirt on inside out.) And even though my blogging has been lax, my twitter game has come up (HarlemCharm . .the homies back home have been getting on me for that, yep Im still a Georgia Peach). I had a blast doing a Twitter With the Stars story for ESSENCE.com and looking at the celeb's pages for work (and, yeah it was fun for me).

Congrats to all the grads out there! Posting this old pic just to make me feel summer-y and will hopefully get me a trip booked . . . I twittered away when I was in PR last year:).


  1. sidebar: you also went somewhere and laid out on a beach?! good for you! where's that and where can I sign up for some sun (and get away from this on again off again wetaher we have here?)

  1. Execumama said...:

    I liked the Twitter With the Stars story, thanks for sharing.

  1. Arlice Nichole said...:

    I have to get my Twitter game up! This pic is refreshing. :)