She Say He Just a Friend

May 28, 2009
The age old debate on whether men and women can really "just" be friends is back. Interviewing Hill Harper he was making some great points on the importance of men and women actually communication to better understand each other and build stronger relationships.

So I asked in the interview his take on men and women just being friends. His reply:
Yes! Gabrielle Union is one of my best friends. People have always said we've hooked up. We've shared great memories and very difficult times together, but we've never crossed the line of friendship. Men and women can absolutely be friends and that's what we need to be. Part of the problem is that we aren't friends enough.

I agree that we can just be friends if neither is attracted or we've established we arent going down that road. One of my oldest guy friends though is in the dog house with me. AFter not talking for months, my tweets alert him to the fact Ive got a BF. he calls and grills me and tries to find any hole to bring down someone he doesnt know. He didnt care how me or my mom were doing, just wanted the 411 on Sherlock. Like a real friend, I let him have it, after the last sly remark and not-so-subtle jab. I still contend men and women can just be friends!


  1. and on another note: check out more inspiring tips and information about Black female and male relationship blessings and barriers in Hill Harper's September release, "The Conversation" (Gotham Books). Shameless plug since I help with his book publicity, but i'll plug it whenever I can!

  1. Arlice Nichole said...:

    This topic is hot! I do believe that a man and woman can be best friends and nothing more. My best friend is a male actor, has been on some Tyler Perry shows and is quite the cutie! I'm the bomb myself, LOL! But the thought has never come to mind. We've been friends since infancy because our mothers were best friends. In college, his dorm was down the hall from mine. He's chilled in my dorm and I in his and we've never even come close to going there. I've never even thought about it. I'm sure he hasn't either. The only time it has come up is when people have asked the question.