Ladies Love

June 1, 2009

LL Cool J. The other night I went to a concert with Estelle and LL. I was upstairs. She was rocking the stage and a week of running after memorial day had me beat. After she wrapped and I was on the floor with my buddy Niem, I fought off the yawns and at least wanted a peek of LL in the flesh. I was suppose to interview him and once I got there found out it was for after the lengthy show and close to midnight. After a half hour of setting up for him, bringing out towels and laying roses just so, the man of the hour comes out. He.killed.it Did all his classics, was just full of energy and taking pictures and dancing with fans. I was spellbound, and grinning remembering an old lady telling Sherlock he looked like Mr. James himself.

LL continues to rock out and show he's definitely still got it. He struts across the stage and licks his lips like it's closer to 1990 than 2010. Of course the ladies want to see his chest and he gets down to a wife beater.

The publicist texts me to see if I am still on, and I am completely awake after some "Rock the Bells" and "Hey Lover." I head upstairs as "I Need Love" comes on and we watch the rest of the show from the top balcony. Afterwards they take me around the corner where he will do photos and interviews. I wait. I wait. I waitttttttttttt. I get up thinking this will go on all night and the pub says they just got upstairs and I can go first. He rounds the corner. The sheen is gone. He's dry and in a new clean shirt. I head over and introduce myself and kick off my interview asking him to grade on hip hop. Turns out he is a Drake fan and is excited about his new role on NCIS. I get a decent interview in under six minutes and my shoulder is tapped. My time is up. I walk away smirking at the transformation. Beyonce isnt the only one with an alter ego. Sasha Fierce meet Mr. Cool J


  1. I lady luv me some cool James! I'm so hatin right now!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I was at the same concert! Didn't see you! xo

  1. CJ said...:

    Hate I missed you Truc> And loving the hate C;)