June 5, 2009
So twitter is all about Forward Fridays, broadcast people and things worth putting your attention to. Think I will do it blog style . .  .

*If nothing but for the amazing photos alone and fresh design, Nicole's blog is a great experience. She's living her dream life in D.C. as a photo editor and is snapping along the way. She's also dropping tidbits about her new love interest and who doesn't love reading about the thump thump of your heart with new love;)

Ok, so not an actual blog BUT she is a Pulitzer-winning columnist -and also married to Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown. I had the pleasure of meeting them both last year at a conference and have been enthralled every since. Her book "And His Lovely Wife" gave me a good look at her life as a new political wife and not losing your identity next to a powerful man. Her weekly columns always stir an emotion in me.

Let's talk about sex baby. It's refreshing to see someone be so open about their sex and dating life. She doesnt discriminate when it comes to the menfolk and I enjoy reading her new perspective and outlook. Dont wonder anymore what sex with an Asian guy may be like . . .

Movie buff meet Movie maven. Candice uses her "get to the point" approach to break dow
n movies. Most of her ratings I agree with (or enjoy debating) and I can get a synopsis from someone of similar outlook for movies I dont plan to see and fake it in a convo, not that I
 would ever do that;)

Ok, my good buddy Cynthia Gordy is the amazing
 White House correspondent for Essence and blogs about her daily adventures at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. What else is there to say:)?

*Picture: me, Cynthia and Candice (right) at Naz (center)'s 30th Birthday Bash . . .


  1. thanks for the shoutout girl! But, dang, wish I got a heads up on that photo...