Cashflow Dollar

June 28, 2009
So, I didn't make it to church today with my pastor being away, but I did write this about a certain preacher last week on a airplane . . .

Sunday, June 21st

In the middle of the air somewhere over North Carolina or Virginia I am a little disgusted by Creflo Dollar. The mega-church preacher in Atlanta never impressed me ( I am pretty hesitant in general when it comes to prosperity preachers to the masses.) And reading Upscale magazine with Tyrese on the cover confirmed all my ill feelings. Asked who his favorite TV dad was as a special Father’s Day, I almost got a headache with the serious side eye I was giving his answer: George Jefferson .

Sherman Hensley created an iconic character as the quick-witted and hot-headed business man George, who had found his deluxe apartment in the sky. I grew up laughing at him with the rest of my family, but an ideal father he was not. He was quicker to call his neighbor Tom a honky before giving his hard working maid a raise. His son lionel found him insufferable sometimes and he could leave his wife beyond frustrated and profusely apologizing for his actions. And this is a man to emulate for a man of the cloth?

“Seeing George make his transition from the boroughs to a penthouse gave me hope that I could do that as well,” Dollar said, the perfect last name indeed.

But teaching that the love of money is the root of evil and trying to get a penthouse seem pretty contradictory to me.

No I don’t think God sent us here to be broke, but bling was never a part of the reason we are here either. Just look where baby Jesus was born (a broke down manger) and his worldly possessions (the shirts on his back and some simple sandals). I have many tv dads in mind who exemplified great family values the Black church often reinforces and George Jefferson is low on the list, right where my chances of ever tithing in Bentley-driving, atm-by the church dooring, submit your W2s for tithe confirmation then direct depositing Creflo Dollar’s church.


  1. Malik said...:

    speak CJ! agreed.

  1. shara said...:

    Does the Bible really say that Jesus was born in a "broke down manger?" LOL!

  1. i agree. it's so ironic that his last name is dollar.