Obama Style

June 9, 2009
Every since I discovered President Obama's smoking habit, I had one thought: glad that wasn't a dealbreaker for Mrs. Michelle. That thought had me determined to get a story around it and me and BB did a Guide to Getting a Barack Obama of your own by taking cues from their relationship.

Seeing The Root's story yesterday on Black women needing not be so picky like Flotus (the source of a big fight from one of my coworkers and her boo) made me think back on the 

Yes sisters can be too picky but I don't think it's as simple as changing our outlook to discover love because its plenty of single women open to a less-than-perfect guy, and that is NOT settling.

The surprising part is so many guys dont realize what Black women are up against in the dating scene and consider us equals. Boy, if that were the case.

And one comment caught my eye saying Barack Obama was raised by white people so that's why he wanted to get married. Woah. Well, first off he wasnt even sure he believed in the institution but was committed to Michelle. Some other women may have been satisfied with that but that wasnt how Michelle was raised and she let her wants be known (one of the tips).

The love lives of Black women are front in center