Early Morning Mumblings

June 27, 2009
I slipped. As Miss independent, it seems I have fallen in love, amid all the "take it slow" phrases from friends and family.

The grin on my face just proved it at 4am in the morning. Waking up in the middle of the night I call Sherlock hoping he might have left work. He also works for a Black media company and has been working crazy hours on their Michael Jackson coverage. (Working in news is another whole post, as you cover the story, so not really experience. Im grabbing album covers from MJ's unmatched hit collection while we all witness a new day as TMZ reports the death and CNN still waiting for confirmation)

He's at his desk making sure producers and editors are in place and the travel logistics are confirmed. I'm listening in as people stop by his desk and we crack jokes in between.
 Then I hear his response, "I'm not caking, She's my girl." His reply wakes the female coworker wide awake and she goes "Ohhh, let me talk to her! Come on!" He replies with a laugh: "No, I want to talk my girlfriend, that's why I called." After pulling away from people, which I often do when overwhelmed or down, (I don't like a crowd at my pity party),  I felt some of the numbness melt. 

This week has been a bit crazy with an unexpected hospital visit with a friend, right after returning to work after burying my grandmother a week ago (thanks for all the condolences, including cards from my good buddy KLA and the fab BB

And the death of the King of Pop, reminds us all to focus on the things that really matter and appreciate the frailty and beauty of humanity. So yeah, since our time is short on this Earth, while I do believe in playing it smart, taking it slow may be a waste of precious time:)