Wanna Prez Barack of Your Own?

February 16, 2009

Most single gals do:) For Black women President Obama is looked at as hope and the importance to not settle for less. And part of the First Lady's charm is to constantly remind us she isn't that different from women all over the country at heart.

So as we celebrate the first President's Day in history where a Black family is included in observance, I have to point the single ladies to a gem of a piece we did on taking tips from the first couple to be closer to finding your own best half. After seeing him say he started smoking a little back in the fall the thought kept coming, man, good thing Michelle's deal breaker wasn't smokers . . .lol

Well, that led me to a more developed thought and now we have 15 tips for a love first class in Finding Your Own Mr. Obama! Here are a few . . .

Get Over His Wardrobe

Mrs. Obama discovered a diamond in the rough when she began dating the President, if you judge by the latest fashion trends. She looked past his well-worn shoes and suits to see a heart of gold, a passion to change the world and sex appeal that transcends the latest fashion craze. And 15 years later, while on the campaign trail, Mrs. Obama and daughters Malia and Sasha ratted out Dad for the pants he was wearing for being a decade old and his far-from-new belt and shoes. A man who chooses substance over style will make a great choice in the long run.

Don’t Neglect Your Inner Circle

We’ve all had that girlfriend who finds a man and becomes missing in action for everyone else. But not our First Lady. Not only did Mrs. Obama’s friends become the President’s friends, but she also kept her mom with her all the way to the White House (literally). Bring along the people who played an integral part in the person you are. Just like your mate, these people also play a vital part in your happiness and wholeness. Always keep friends and family close to heart to make for a healthy relationship.

Make Your Desires Known

Mr. and Mrs. Barack Obama may appear like the perfect married couple, but getting the President down the aisle wasn’t a sure thing. The duo had many back and forth discussions on if marriage meant anything, but Mrs. Obama was vocal of her want for him to put a ring on it. Over an upscale dinner in 1991, again Mrs. Obama laid out the reasons for them to get married and was speechless when dessert was served and she discovered an engagement ring, as reported by the Chicago Sun-Times. Be upfront on what you want out of the relationship when you meet a special guy and share the benefits for both of you, without giving an ultimatum.

*By no means are we saying they are a perfect couple or everyone would be happy with a guy like him, just basic dating and relationship tips we all could remember in life and love. Keep me posted on your presidential love stories (and crazy dates in betweeen;)


  1. i like these tips :)

  1. Shannae said...:

    The get over his wardrobe is soooooooo true... but so hard to do!! lol