It's Not You

February 25, 2009
. ..it's me. And the fact I don't think we've really met or if we saw each other on the street I don't think we would speak. Those are the people I am losing on facebook. I was already feeling weary with all these people I dont know at all and accepting their friend requests of strangers and they didn't even say hello. Now I dont feel bad at all, and if we really are meant to be connected we will meet. And Im very aware Im not that cool and the only reason a lot of the people have friended me is because of the industry and place I work. That's what LinkedIn is for, not my personal FB

Then today a private investigator came and chatted with a few of us at work. She works some with CNN and so fab - and using facebook to get the dirt. She is hired by companies to check applicants and one place her team goes is Facebook. Crazy pictures and friends often trip people up, along with lying about the school they actually graduated from.

I had a funny experience over the weekend. I went to dinner with two publicist last week (the ladies of 135th st, they are so fab) and a writer friend of theres comes along. He's all, I think we've met before. He doesn't look familiar at all, but his name is familiar. He tells me about a hot exhibit at Studio Museum of Harlem and I definitely plan to check it out. Anywho, we have a great time and I love hearing their stories of coming up through the industry, as I dig into my Turkery Burger at Cafeteria (that Macaroni and Cheese with Truffles is BOMB). Well, the itis kicks in and I am almost nodding at the table before we head uptown:) The next morning he posts on my wall - somehow we are already facebook friends. I dont friend strangers so I must have accepted his request and not even looked at the profile. Not good. Luckily it worked out in this instance, but that PI has me thinking . . .operation access denied is in effect . . .


  1. Niema Jordan said...:

    Please tell me you got the Turkey Burger with feta cheese and avocado...It's really the only way to have it. LOL.

    Anyway, yeah the facebook thing is no joke, a pan-hell orgs on my campus got caught up because an administrator was on there posing as a student...

  1. shani-o said...:

    Oh child. I defriended everyone I've never met in person or haven't had at least an online conversation with. And I deny all friend requests from folks I don't know (even sorority sisters, which sends a little pang of guilt, lol).

    I have too many folks from work who are my fb friends to be getting mixed up on there with randoms. Don't feel bad at all.

  1. Execumama said...:

    Honesty is always refreshing and welcomed in my book. I enjoyed this post. I don't accept requests unless I actually know who the person is either. I don't even get why random people would send me requests?? It's not like I'm famous or rich or fancy or even in the "cool girl" crew...go figure??

  1. Athena Nike said...:

    Someone wanted to connect with me because I had quoted Rush Limbaugh... I gave up Facebook over a week ago.

  1. CJ said...:

    lol. Thanks for sharing guys! Operation is making head way:)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Yeah...really shouldn't have added the strangers in the first place.

    I don't about your ideas regarding what FB is for and what LinkedIn is for...some people see the two as the same, but even more important, everyone w/ FB doesn't use it solely for personal use. Many people do but not all. There are people who use it for personal AND professional use. I've known recruiters and editors to encourage folks to send them messages and even add them as friends on FB. Go figure! Folks really won't know until their ignored, I guess.