Life and Death

February 19, 2009
I felt like I was on a roll with this blog thing. Then had two deaths in the family on different sides. One old. One young. One not totally a shock. One heartbreaking tragedy. And since I haven't wanted to talk about it. i don't. Just so you dont have to relive the story and hear the reaction. My godsister and our friend did come up for the weekend . That was cool. Went to premiere of Madea Goes to Jail last night. That was cool. But sometimes you just wish you were near family . . .and even they let you down sometime.

Ok, but this isn't a diary. So what is also cool is giving life. Just got off the phone with an amazing woman, who's helped welcome more than 500 babies into the world as a Ob/GYN. Makes you wonder what are you doing with your own life . . . think Ill work on my book this weekend if I dont make it south for the funeral(s).


  1. Sorry to hear about your losses, my love. But if the silver lining of this all is that you're motivated to do something special with your life--to make your mark on this world--then you're already stronger. You didn't break.

  1. Sass said...:

    my condolences, hugs, and kisses go out to you cj. xox

  1. sierra said...:

    Though this is terrible news, I know you have people who love you to help you get through this. I agree with Denene; losses like this can only make you stronger, and perhaps encourage you to do something great in life (which I'm sure you'll do anyway). xo Sierra