Mail Mishandling

February 7, 2009

Soo, I just did a change of address submission online. But since my "home" address for credit cards is Atlanta, I couldnt submit for my old apartment in New York to the new one down the street.

And I didn't think I would have to after switching my other accounts and mailing lists. Until I went home a few weeks ago and a few people told me they had sent me Christmas cards and they came back in the mail.


It seemed my former roommate was sending my mail back. The more I thought about it, the more upset I became thinking of all the things I let slide while I lived with her from strangers hanging in my room when I wasnt there and breaking my DVD player to things I you wouldnt believe if I told you. And yet I still gave of myself. Gave her a bday cake and plenty of clothes while I was there when I didnt get as much as a 'Happy Birthday' on my day. I could sense something much bigger than me was going on with her and whispered a prayer.

But sending back my mail when I live on the same street now?

There was no excuse for that. I almost laughed at the irony of me sending her a Christmas card, only to have her sending mine back.

So, all that to say, if you ever want to mail me something make sure its the 305 address. wow . . .


  1. la negrita said...:

    Wow. That's grounds for a good cussing out. You strike me as the type of person who rises above that, but me? Oh yes, she would be feeling the wrath of an angry Negrita!

  1. Nicole Marie said...:

    The good thing about life is that God places people and incidents in your life to give you the chance to prove you can be a bigger, better person. Like mama used to say, "It takes all kinds to make the world go 'round." Shake it off girlie, and just order mail forwarding from USPS. It's only $1.00 to set up for three months. Love ya!

  1. Arlice Nichole said...:

    That's wrong. Obviously she had something against you.