Is That You Pam?

February 4, 2009

Last night me and the roomie were counting down the minutes until Martin came on, and rolled the whole time it was on, happy it wasnt an episode they play a lot like the ones of Living Single that followed.

So as what happens to me more than usual, it was a prelude to the next day, as Tichina Arnold stopped by the office and chatted with the staff. Half way through an amazing story of her time on a USO tour and the Black faces she saw around the world, many single moms, she stops as about 7 more people join the 12 of us already in.

And then she belts out "DAAAAAAAMMMMMNNNNN" I almost hit the floor laughing like, yep, That's PAM. She was so humble, real and refreshing to see she is so much like the person you would hope she would be. When I interviewed her a few months back we went from Everybody Hates Chris to discussing her boo, a football coach. Yesterday as we're talking I bring it back up and she's like, yeah he shies away from attention like this and is reserved and low key, red carpet isnt his thing - the complete opposite and women around cosign that's the best route. Then a true legend at the office and master of all trades adds also when these men are in the pages of the magazine with their famous ladies, a lot of them end up breaking up. Things that make you go hmm, I just hum "I dont want no Fly Guy, I just want a Shy Guy:)"


  1. Renaissance said...:

    I definitely peeped when she said that too. I think balance is important. But sometimes I question if a dude could really understand the schedule etc. if he didn't have to do it himself...

  1. Arlice Nichole said...:

    That's interesting.

  1. Southern_Lady said...:

    I love Tichina (PAM)! I am a Martin addict, so I know what she brought to the table on that show. Just last night, I was rolling over the episode with Donnie and Clyde. She is so funny, many times I'll catch Martin turning his head away from the camera to hide his laughter.

    She's a great actress. I still remember her as Justine's friend with the broken foot!