February 22, 2009

No matter how in a funk I feel, this song makes me smile. I had a good heart to heart with my mom (I had been highly upset with her all week) and I felt so much better getting her perspective and getting a better understanding of her. I was so disappointed thinking she was nonchalant over the tragic murder of the son of one of our cousins. She broke it down that her delayed reaction in telling me when I called her and she was in WalMart wasn't disinterest but her way of coping, as she takes care of her sick mother. She matter of factly said she had no idea what she would do if something happened to me or my brother and that ice melted I had been feeling around my heart. Seems we have more in common than I realized that we are always yapping, but clamp up on sad news. Anywho, I always thought of Joy by Blackstreet as the ultimate love song, and how every girl wants her special guy to feel about her. But seeing the video I realized it was a lot deeper than that, as they serenade their baby girls. Thank God for parents, even when they aren't perfect, for loving so hard.

*Thanks so much for the condolences and emails! I really appreciated it and feels good to know you aren't alone out here


  1. Whitney said...:

    Aww, I love this vid. I'm glad you and your mom worked it out. It's crazy how we sometimes expect so much from our moms and get really angry if they're not exactly that, until we realize how much alike we really are. I'm glad you're feeling better :)