Not the average girl from the video . . .

February 11, 2009

Last night I went to India.Arie's album release party. It was sooo sexy. My editor invited me during the day so I hadn't dressed that cute and was stuck in jeans and a printed shirt but it was India.Arie, I lived and breathed her music when I was in high school as she made being a chocolate girl so sexy.
Once we got in there was this huge white poster on the wall with "Love..." on it. You were suppose to write a message to her I guess in relation to the new song "Love and Politics." I was so overcome already after being so frustrated a girl at school was saying some ugly things to my little sister. I jotted about the one song that I cried my frustrations out in high school to, "Beautiful" So I posted

"Time was right. I packed my bags. Thanks for the soundtrack of my life. Love, CJ"

Corny yes. But just a crystal moment of how far I had come from that high school kid with a boom box and some lip liner.

The vibe was cool and saw plenty of the music event regulars. Ahmir, aka QuestLove, was killing it as DJ. And I saw this girl who I knew was familiar. I went up and asked had she gone to my high school. She actually had gone to my middle school. I'm good! And works at Vibe and was helping Shanel who I knew from her days at Vibe Vixen and is now heading HoneyMag's site. Small world, right?? I didn't realize the site was live but it had just had its soft relauch and is looking good. I chat with them and then take my seat near the stage.

India comes out and walks right past us, and waves after my editor says hello. She switches from big necklace to belt and takes the floor. She jams from the first album and Im standing up against the wall seeing over the crowd from atop my seat and just loving it. Im singing along and hadnt even heard some of the songs. They do "Chocolate High" and i thought I was officially backup. As the crowd encourages her to do more and more its great to witness the evolution of this artist as she sings conscious music. But it is February, so it wouldn't be complete without a love ballad. She strums the guitar for 'Brown Skin' and we all about lose our minds. That song is just the truth, and probably not what I should have listened to if Im trying to keep my mind off of men folk. hmmmm

I was definitely still on my Chocolate High. Loving her new music and still killing the old

"I learned to love myself unconditionally, because I am a queen . . ."


  1. Execumama said...:

    Niceness!!! I would've gone too, even if I was wearing a plastic bag sarong and cowboy boots! I force feed India to my daughters at night, and she really does offer powerful messages in a time when many songs are just plain CRAP on a hot beat.