March 27, 2006

That' s how I describe the last week of my life. I have been trying to sit down and tell you about my week for the last 5 days. 5 days and still no post. My buddy/ego stroker mike (aka Mr. Incredible) delivered the PSA that I gotta blog more so here I go. I don't know how to import pictures like my homie Yasmine (check out her fabulous blog at randymethoughtsofyasmin.blogspot.com) but I do have some good stories to tell.

Fabulous Day Numero Uno:
So after seeing posters around campus announcing the coming of Kimora Lee Simmons to sign her new book, I call the editors at the paper to finally have a perk with my title as managing editor and cover the stories I want to cover. Only to get a call back from the bookstore that one of our editors has already said they were covering it. Shook and put off, I encounter the best scene of conflict resolution ever and am able to get the story and keep a good working relationship. (special shout out to C. Fam) So Im excited to meet the mogul, reading the book to get the best questions and loving my new kimora lip gloss. So I leave my BORING Copy Editing class to head the bookstore and get my reporting on. I get there and its set up, the seats are about full but nothing to crazy. I head over to the press corner cuz I know that's where the action is. I feel extra official as I get my press pass and see girls from my accounting class who we mutually ignore, eyeing me and wondering why Im over in what becomes VIP. So Kimora comes in and she is gorgeous, and more important than that - she is the perfect mix of down-to-earth and diva. After seeing her on VH1 and Runs House I wasn't sure how much drama she brought, but she seemed so cool and like she really wanted to be there and valued us as students and readers. But I couldn't act impressed. I went into reporter mode and put on my game face. So she walks in and heads over to the corner to do a life broadcast with Jeanie Jones from WKYS (the station where my former crush Osei use to work before he headed to Atlanta and got on V103.) So after meowing with jeanie she finally heads to the front of the crowd and addresses the big crowd that has grown since she arrived.
After speaking and proving she was definitely one of the homies she started signing book. I didn't know she even went to college since she started modeling when she was 13. VH1 was there taping her new reality TV show, which she has been taping for two weeks. I cant to see it when it comes on and see her and her cute daughters (one has the hamburger hair) site seeing, which she did before coming to campus.
So after models showed her their portfolios and girls in their finest baby phat got their books sign and after George, the reigning king of the ivy for the AKAs put on his rhinestoned pumps and showed Kimora his walk and was offered an internship on the spot, she was finally about done signing books and I could interview her which was cut down to you can ask her a question.
So camera is on me and its my time to shine.

Ball to Charreah and . . .Fumble on the play

I completely blow my first question as my fear of my mind going blank comes true and I ask her what can we find about faboulosity that's not in the book (duh . . . the WHOLE book is about being fabulous) and she politely tells me. So then I rebound and go for the gutso, tell me about Howard and how your experience was today. So even students who didn't come to the signing can now feel Kimora as she says she loves Howard for its "thinkers and doers" that walk this campus. We even laugh as she saids she loves to be around black people, checks out my chocolateyness and adds "all shades." It was no touch down, but I def gained some yards.

Only to write a bomb story and have entrepreneur misspelled. Such is life. I still had a great time and have a clip with a typo and some lip gloss to prove it:)


  1. star baby said...:

    You go girl! I love Kimora as well. She's fierce, fabulous, and has personality, nothing better than that!