breaker breaker

March 22, 2006
Im back from spring break!
I dont know how or why Im up this early, since I went to sleep late as usual on a Tuesday night, after sending the paper.
I know I haven't posted in a minute. Probably why I feel so tense b/c I havent been doing any writing. My spring break last week was great. A lot of rest and even more shopping. I feel a lil bad b/c I really need to be saving my money for when me and the cool cousin Jen go to Vegas in May, but I got good deals and will need this stuff for the spring and summer:) I would have posted an hour ago, but I was tryin to figure out how to put my picture up, with minimal success.
Got in a really heated debate today and made me realize how conflicting it is to be a 'boss' and still get what you know is rightfully yours. So today, I need to do what I need to do, and not always be a softy or walk away from whats yours.
I have so many conflicting thoughts and feelings I cant even seem to get my mind straight to tell one of the many many experiences I encountered since the last time I blogged.
From going out with some friends, where one of them gets tipsy and then he goes on to tell us that my friend (it was her b-day. so thats the only reason I went) was only hanging close to her light skin friends and not us, her dark skin friends. Or when I saw Barack Obama (my president) while I was in a standby crisis at the airport. He was so incredibly normal and blended right in. no fanfare. no huge entourage. Just quiet confidence. I think I feel in love . . . with that power and presence.
Or having my cousin who just had three babies ( and they are not triplets) drive his RV down to atl with his 'girlfriend' (not one of his 5 baby mammas or the one he is stayin with) come to town on a whim and ask me to come with them to Chicken and Waffles. Sitting in the restaurant waiting for our food and my aunt and cousin, who stay down Peachtree to come, we look over and Ray Nagin is finishin up his chicken bone. Seeing him left me with mixed feelings. One of regret that I didn't make it to N.O for the break to do what I could do. And made me shake my head at black people as his party told him bye as he left, and in there sunday best (sequins, hats, suspenders and everything else overly pretentious) and with as much dignity as possible, dissected the check to figure out which one of them was payin. I guess to them its was all worth it since they had luch with the maaaaayor.
So let me stop being sidetrack and get some business handled that I need to. Like making sure everything is on point for our magazine conference this weekend (Angela, Essence's EIC is the keynote!!!!!) Thanks for the release and I wont be a stranger. I think I need to post some of my poetry, so I can keep up with my work from the random sheets of paper I have been doodling on lately.

and it's only 8:30am . . .