Its Official . . .

February 16, 2006
Though I planned to officially kick off this blog on my 21st Birthday (feb 8th:) my day and the subsequent ones were crazy. So here it is my new chill spot and official release from the troubles of life! I am sitting here looking at this blog being created after a long day of classes (of which I nodded off in as usual) and a tell-all session with my BFF Celeste, on DRAMA that rocked my world and some other people who are NEAR and dear to me. So after a year of saying Im starting a blog and a short lived stint with livejournal, I am ready to blog! I'm now officially grown to my already established sexy.

It's Official . . .
- I GOT ASME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be getting my intern on hard this summer
- Some niggas (sorry but thats the only word to describe them) really aint shit
- Im a cutie
- Im gonna be somebody!

I had the pleasure of sitting in on a class taught by Cathy Hughes on Tuesday (valentine's) and really felt inspired. She was so chill and made it seem totally achievable for me too to one day own a 3 billion dollar company. I'd be happy with a couple million. - just goes to show, think pennies get pennies, think dollars - get dollars. (and yes I stole that from Ray, but wisdom is everywhere!!!!!!!!!!! even in my mentee DC 7th grader, Dineika) I wanna spruce up the blog so I have to conclude this post. But I'll be back real soon.



  1. star baby said...:

    YOU ARE SOOOO RIGHT...some niggas aint shit....i'm so mad i am not in D.C, you always meet very powerful women. I'm in NYC and i haven't had the pleasure of Kimora, Cathy Hughes or Tia Williams.