You got to Pray just to make it today!

February 17, 2006
Remember that MC Hammer song? Don't even front, I wasn't the only one doing the '2 Legit' sign language on the play ground. Anyway. No, I wasn't drunk on the last post with the lack of spell check and the abrupt ending. Just experienced a keyboard malfunction which led to me realizing I need a new keyboard ( after just getting my computer back after it sat in the ilab for two weeks.) I am in the ilab now after emailing the people I needed to write today and resisting the urge just to zip one of these keyboards in my leather bomber and be on my way. If my next post is from my room, you'll know I couldn't resist . . .
meet my honors partner today at starbucks to do our 'getting to know you' activity and probably blew her mind with how candid I was on the last year of my life. Ill share in due time.
heading back to my room and still deciding on whether to go to Jordan's party tonight. know anybody that's goin?
still surprised each year that EVERYBODY from Howard goes to Miami for spring break?
prayed today?