You can get with this or you can get with that

February 24, 2006
You ever be so busy that somebody ask you what you did for the weekend or week and really have to stop and think about it and be asking yo self, "dang, what did I do.
I really have been trying to get myself to grow up some more and not be such a hot head, and choose my battles. That doesn't mean I don't slip and tell some people how I REALLY feel.
This past week was def a lot. But I guess alls well that ends well. At the mall Friday night I got some cute shirts to start my spring night life (even though I ended up wearing 1 last night to latex . . .what can I say, I was excited) and dinner with the girls was a lot of fun. Trust. (new inside joke:) And I got a lot of the black history month mag laid out yesterday, so I feel I got something accomplished. I have already written a lot in this post, so Ill make it quick. But just so I don't forget one day I HAVE to really go into the fact that:

a) my dad had the nerve to try to make me feel better when I was upset with my mom for being a 'wet blanket' that he says how that's just her, she use to do it to him and that's what drove him to CHEAT which lead to their divorce and the break up of our family. FYI .. .to all daddies: WHen your kid is upset remember they don't want to hear about your shit, especially if the story had a MAJOR effect on their life. ( I know I said I would go into this later but I guess I still needed to vent)

b) grandmas are great!

c) surrounding yourself with stars is major.
in the middle of writing this freakin blogged, i got a IM from my homie Maya. She IS photography for the paper and she got called by a TOP newspaper to come work. Its not confirmed yet so I dont want to give all the details. But I know she got it! She dont even know how crazy that is. People work 30 yrs hoping they could get the job she gonna be offered tom.