Dreamgirls. Im gonna love you? ok ok.

December 29, 2006

This Is EFFIE . . .

Now I have been waiting to see Dreamgirls since June. So why am I just now seeing it today?
Well, when you get too excited for something too early, you do yourself a disservice.I was so excited and had read so much about the movie, that by the time it made its way to theaters, I felt like I had already seen it. But I hadn't. I hadn't seen costume changing I could watch over and over again for days. I hadnt listen to the songs of a soundtrack I will WEAR OUT. I hadn't seen miss knowles take a shot at giving Dina her 'Actor's perspective.' I hadnt scene a movie with what Im sure had a hair budget that equaled its clothing and casting one. But I have never watched a movie and split up its cast as I did this one. Check my girl elle's blog for her sexy review. (dontchaloveit.blogspot.com)

This is Curtis Taylor Jr and his wife . . .Beyonce'

Beyonce was absolutely gorgeous in the movie. I loved watching her wardrobe post-marrying Curtis. But the whole movie I felt like I watched Beyonce and never met Dina (Deena?). It's not her fault. I mean, she is such a big star with an even bigger accent and I felt like I do when I watch her in a music video. Same way with Eddie Murphy. I loved him . .. but I only saw him, not Jimmy.

Dont get me wrong. I enjoyed myself at the movie but it's like the original Deena, Miss Sheryl Lee Ralph said, Deena was a certain type of woman and Beyonce just didnt take it there. The fact that she was lighter we all would like to think wouldnt matter today but in the days of the Dreamgirls/Supremes color DID matter and I just think someone else may have done Deena more justice . . . though Im sure Beyonce is a key for box office gold.

*I really need to see the original play so anybody who has it Ill provide popcorn and drinks if you let me watch!

The music in the movie was phenomenal. Now contrary to my opinions on her acting, I really am a Beyonce fan. This is one of her best scenes when she shows some real anger and obviously this is where we all clap around the world for 'And I am telling you'
So though Effie (see she was SOOO good I cant even call her Jennifer Hudson in this post) was obviously the singer with the most soul and emotion, What Curtis said about Beyonce having no personality isnt true and the contradiction of Effie being the better singer wasnt as pronounced

I had never heard of Anika Noni Rose before googling her this summer when I found out she was the third dreamgirl. She was definietly a breakout performer and a refreshing surprise.
Now, like I said I had the top I have been waiting on Dreamgirls since the summer. I was blessed to attend an event for the press where Jennifer and Keith Robinson who plays her brother CeCe in the movie where there. They were both really sweet and he was a cutie and tore it up when they both sang live for us. They both were phenomenal and is even getting his fare share of press! When I met him I thought he was familiar . . .I guess I remembered him from Fat Albert:)?
But as far as acting . . . Jamie and Jennifer were surely the bestest. Jamie is really a bonified real deal. It is a true talent to be such a signature person and yet to completely become that character. So yeah . . .Im glad I can move on from my Dreamgirls loveaffair! And if any guy ever makes me feel like Curtis did Effie here, I been practicing, And Your Gonna Love MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Yessss! Your Gonna Loveeee uvvvvvee Uvvee Meee heeeee!

*yes, Ill probably be seeing it at least one more time in the theater and getting the DVD when it comes. They should even do a part two. Just like Pursuit of Happyness, I would love to be an extra and be in those time period dresses. Does Curtis try and and turn his daughter into the new generation Dreams? Is CeCe really hooked up with Effie's replacement?