The Fly Girl Flock

December 9, 2006
So after the lone meatball experience I was heading back on the train finishing up my book for my new book club. Missing most of the Top Model finale I wasn't in much of a rush and this season has pretty much sucked anyway.
"Darling's there no way,no way I'm living without you"
Listening to the original Dreamgirl belt it out brought another great memory from the summer and just added to my New York state of mind I was still high on as I stepped of the DC metro. After checking out some of the cool chics who run Candy Apple Mag that morning I hadn't even realized I dressed like I was back in Harlem, until I was on my way to that focus group. Be sure to check out this hot online mag!

Jennifer Holiday belted. A girl tapped me on my shoulder. Taking off my headphones I saw her pull out a camera and then realized she was asking me if she could take my picture. I soon discovered she was starting a blog for the DC area to be called 'Project Beltway' much like this guys, who we both LOVE!
*I would tell you the outfit but don't want to ruin it for ya:)

Today we had our first Teacakes meeting. That's the new book club me and this chic started. I love me some Pearl Cleage so we read 'What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day.' That book is so good and in these serious days of HIV it was beautiful to someone with the virus so human in that book. the Book club meeting over breakfast was great. It's always a good feeling to be surrounded by like-minded fly girls.

I love me some Lorraine Hansberry and she had it right . . .'To be Young, Black, Fly and Gifted'

What a beautiful flock we are!!!!!

P.S. Like, i REALLY love Pearl Cleage's writing. Just thought I'd put that out there. And yes, this pic was staged, but we need em for the book club:)


  1. ElleB said...:

    Queeeen! Ur dream come true girl...In case you don't already know, HONEY Magazine is back!