Essence Magazine’s Mikki Taylor: Lessons on Love

March 17, 2010

A day brown girls around the world hoped wouldn’t come: beauty industry legend and Essence Magazine editor Mikki Taylor is retiring from the magazine after 30 years!
But I can’t be mad at all as she leaves as the height of her three-decade career after inspiring millions of lives and is off to grow Mikki Taylor Enterprises and continue to change the world.
And you know what else she is off to do? Spend more time with her life partner, her husband.
When I interned at Essence, me and the rest of the interns were of course awed by the fact that she really was as beautiful in person. She glowed. After staying a part of the staff and working from intern to editor I had time to take some serious notes.

Lesson One: Love Yourself First
Mikki didn’t just have the proverbial “all” (dream job, strong family, gorgeous clothes, etc). She was actually happy and whole.
As gorgeous as we all thought she was, she looked great for herself, showing her secret was to be good to herself and others, and the rest would follow.
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  1. Redbonegirl97 said...:

    Wow, I wonder who will take on her role and what will they bring to the magazine.


  1. Rhonda said...:

    Good for her! She's awesome and has really strengthened the beauty in black women.