He Loves Me.

March 11, 2010
From Love Jones Lane
“How does your boyfriend feel about you writing about your relationship in the open?,” my friend asked.
She’s considering blogging about her relationship for a magazine she works for, but not sure her boyfriend would be cool with it.
I became completely aware of what I had in that moment.

I told her not only does my boyfriend support the site, but was the first person to email in a essay (full disclosure: he’s a writer).

I had been holding on to his post, but some things are meant to share. Here’s his story of finding love. . .
It was the summer of 2006 and hot as hell when I was invited to a Fourth of July rooftop BBQ in Brooklyn. DJ CEO was on the 1’s and 2’s and the drinks were flowing.
I was introduced to a beautiful young lady who was also a HU Alum @ the party. We shared a few laughs and took a few pics. I was interested but my status was a little “complicated” at the time so I didn’t make a move. We kept in contact via Myspace (eeewwww!) and went about our lives.
As chance would have it, last spring she ran into a good friend of mine that works on Broadway and they exchanged info. A week or so later he needed mystery shoppers to check out one of his theater employees and offered me show tickets.
There was one catch: I needed a date and it was the day of the show.
He told me not to worry he’d get someone for me and to be at the theater by 7PM. As I stood outside the theater waiting I began to have reservations. I called and text messaged my friend but no response.
As I was typing my back-out text I looked up and approaching me was the beautiful young lady from the 06 BBQ. My Cheshire cat grin may have given me away when we greeted each other. But I’m not one to hide my happiness. We saw “Jersey Boys” and had a great time. Such a great time that I didn’t really complete the mystery shop right. (Sorry Jelani.) We exchanged info and started dating a few weeks after.
11 months later we’re still going strong and for the first time in my life I can say that I’m truly happy. It’s a happiness that comes from loving someone completely and knowing that love is reciprocal. We have our arguments like any other couple. But in the end can see past the issue to our love for each other.
All mushiness aside, we share common interest and are both able to show our different sides to each other without worry of judgment. I’ve ended my search and surrendered my heart for a love that’s energizing, inspirational, nurturing, and all mine. If you don’t believe me just ask Charrreah:) Love you C.
See why I love him:)?

*Top pic: bringing in 2010
*Bottom pic: Meeting for the first time, July 4th, 2006

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  1. Redbonegirl97 said...:

    Awwww, congrats.


  1. Marissa said...:

    Yes, I do girl... Lovely post...