Reunited . . .

February 16, 2008
 . . . And it feels good;) So it seems my birthday has become a national holiday to my buddies. Last year Amber (who nicknamed herself Slickin high school and we all somehow got bamboozled into calling her that too . . .yes that's her in the stunna shades) came up from Atlanta to party with me and the crew. This year she flew to DC and she and my BFF Celeste rode the bus up to NY . . .at 3:30am. that's love:)
They are catching a hour of sleep before we head to Soho and beyond.
Yeah, I'm way excited. Don't have to be the
 overachiever who's mature and the knowledgeable and easy going Chareezy I put forth. Can be crazy Reah, who can barely drive, wasn't the best soccer goalie but had heart and lov
es to reminisce about the good times in high school. All we need is our resident doct
or Treca to complete to coolest foursome ever. So while they sleep I smile. 
And if you wanna laugh too just look at Celeste's face on her 21st birthday
. You get only one guess of what the present was . . .