All the Windows in the House

February 18, 2007

Not to be a complete sap, but that's what I really feel like. Its one thing to be blessed. Its another to be really blessed - and know it. I feel like that after a GREAT weekend. Like a door was closed, but instead of one window opening ALL the ones in the house are open.

No,nothing spectacular happened and I cant pay you any money right now if I owe ya cuz I didnt hit the lotto. Im actually $10 short after having to catch a cab in SoHo because the F train decided it didnt want to run in the middle of a Saturday. Im just really feeling myself get close again to God and my faith because I was doing some serious back sliding (and Davinci Code didnt help!:). I finally found a church that does it for me in DC yesterday (thanks Amanda) and even joined...and you know going to NY always makes a sister feel "real good" (once again in the Like Dat voice) I dont know why but that keeps popping up.

So in the city Friday you know I had to go by Auntie Essence's. You know it was GREAT. I definitely miss working there and really felt the love. I also got the JHud issue and it really is HOT! Thandie Newton's in there too:) And you guys know ALL six of the couples in the "will you marry me?" package got the South African trip. A good moment for them and a great one for the magazine as 16 million people voted online!
But probably the best thing I left there with was a calm I needed. No, I dont have a job. but I have something so much better. The peace of mind that what's mine, well is still mine. So Im not gonna overstress this job search.

My bosses/summer family Cori and Naz werent there . . .they were sort of busy in Vegas doing the NBA All Star blog . Gosh, the life, right:)? But they really work so hard. Its not a game running from the Grammys to Vegas, the Oscars coming up and still working on the next issue. I'd be glad to help ease their load:)

I think I might have come off as stalker intern just a little after telling the truth why I was there - to see their Black Style Now exhibit before it closed today.

It was great and me and miss Lynecia went (oops am I allowed to put your name out here .. . I meant fly girl Elle) went. Technology is so cool. We meet through blogging and its like we've been friends forever.
my favorite dress in the collection!!!!------->
I love my dresses and would fly to Miami right now in this bad boy. . . BTW. what cha doing for spring break?
<----doesn't the chic on top look just like Rhianna?
House of Dereon . . .Cant u tell?
And u know I found the Magazines!
Black Style Now was fun. Im doing a post later about my girl Madame C.J. Walker. . . parents born slaves and you become a self-made millionaire. Dream big people!
*I usually keep this to myself but real life is SO MUCH STRANGER and INTERESTING than fiction. After my beautiful pep talk with the gorgeous Zulaika to make me relax and know what's mine is mine, the Black Style Now Exhibit and joining my new spirit-filled church, I am walking out the room where they have us handing out brochures and letting us know how to join the church, I try and go back in the sanctuary to find my friend. I look up on the wall and see the pastor and his wife on a plaque ...from Essence. They were featured in the Essence book "making it happen." I'm just like 'wow' and the usher then let me knows I cant go in that way. I know I already had gotten what I came down that hallway for - to see God stay anonymous with that coincidence. Cool right?
*Oh yeah. It's also BOTH my parents birthdays. Happy Birthday my oldie but goodie mom and pop!