The Wedding-Funeral Rule

February 20, 2007
If you weren't around for what should be the happiest day of someone's live, than don't be coming around once they are gone. This Anna Nicole thing is out of control but it really is a fascinating story.
But her mom knows she is wrong. Just a week before she died, you could see how upset anna got just talking about her mom. But now that she's gone her mom pops up. She wasn't invited to her wedding. so what makes her think she'd want her to have her child.
Then you have all these men who never joined the first guy in saying it was his child. But now that anna isnt here to defend anything they say, they want to come saying its there baby.

It's why Volleta Wallace doesn't like Lil Kim - she waited till Biggie was dead to say he beat her and made her get an abortion,when he wasnt alive to address it, even if in all likelihood its true.

Then you have Diane Sawyer saying "baby's daddy." If it were Princess Diana they would not be saying that. But just like with black people, to designate lower class, they say a colloquially inferior phrase. WTF?

So yeah . . .they really are milking this thing. Let me be the judge and we'd be done in an hour. A DNA test to the baby and apply the Wedding-Funeral Rule. You not at my wedding . . .then don't come around when it's funeral time. CJ


  1. vanity kane said...:

    Yeah....I am quite uncomfortable with Diane Sawyer referring to ANYONE as anybody's "baby daddy", lmao!

  1. Elle* said...:

    Wow. I missed that one. Diane Sawyer said what?! This "Ghettoization" of the world needs to stop! And I totally agree with you. I was looking at a piece about this whole debacle on Good Morning America and just shook my head. It just seems like everyone just cares about themselves, or else, why can't they just let a dead woman rest in peace? And a DNA test should have been priority number 1! Ok, I am getting a tad bit upset right now.

  1. it feels like everyone fighting over A.N. Smith right now is crazy. The judge is crazy, all the lawyers, the mother, the many boyfriends, --all those who were involved with her were crazy users.
    no wonder she never had a chance, she was badly raised, never grew up, and then attracted the worst possible people