Preying Mantis

September 9, 2008

So last night my fab editors got me a spot at the last minute to come along to the screening of "The Family That Preys." We were rolling as the middle-aged WASP who sat ahead of us had grabbed four of the complimentary bags of popcorn and about 6 of the twenty ounces. Just greedy I tell ya.

Tyler Perry went to the front and said a few words and I was feeling the power of that Black man. The movie comes on. Im loving Kathy Bates in a TP movie. The plot good, the lines superb, timing on track. Im hooked! I almost wanted my money back from Meet the Browns, and I didn't even pay. Family That Preys has me figuring out when I can go support this good film, not good Black film, and I haven't paid for a movie in a long long time.

The after party afterward was a good time. Sanaa's fine ass boyfriend was just a nice guy, and Ill have to tell you what he said about a certain scene later as not to spoil it. Sanaa was gracious. I was definitely feeling Taraji. Sweet and real about them banging purple shoes being a killer for the big toe. And I almost took her up on the offer to offer my skin color for that banging dress she killed

Met me a new buddy to kick it with in Atlanta.

Good times indeed.


  1. Eb the Celeb said...:

    See now you got me torn... I had my mind set on skipping this and seeing the Women this weekend... ugh!