At Papi's Request

September 3, 2008

Me and my BFF had a blast this weekend. Our favorite veggie burgers at the Diner in the Meatpacking District. Hanging with some accomplished women in their 30s in one of their delux apartments in the SKY (read penthouse in Harlem) Chatting with one of our best buds from high school showing how little we've changed . . .and another person I can begin to annoy with my obsessive talk of Michelle Obama. ADORE her! Watcher her speech at Whit's. Watched Obama's at Rakia's in Dunbar.

Was rolling the next day reading Slate's Twitter of Obama's speech. Still no internet so Im typying fast before I head home to catch the hip hop dance class at the gym. Yay!

My fav commentary of the week though was William Jelani Cobb's blog post on Michelle. Here's a snippet and check out the whole thing if you get a sec:

When brothers see Michelle we see that game-proof sister who you planned to step to once you got your credit straight. Or the one that you approached on the best moment of your best day, and have been self-congratulating ever since. Before he made his own inroads, a chunk of his appeal was based on the idea that any cat who was swift, smart and skilled enough to put a ring on that finger was at least worth listening to. Brothers love Barack too -- but with a twinge of hate because deep down you really suspect that you might be the first black presidential nominee if you'd met her first.

I never felt so humbled to have been called unapproachable:) And tying in Fannie Lou Hammer? Just genius . . .

Till next time (still hoping to get wireless soon . . .Come on already Time Warner!),
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  1. Nicole said...:

    Love it! So glad to hear life has been treating you good!

  1. Cosmopolitan said...:

    Love it! Michelle O. is definitely a friend in my head as well:)