You can be a star*

August 26, 2008

So iv'e been meaning to post about my weekend but this no wireless at the crib is for the birds! Friday night I had a date that was cute, but totally not what I was going for. Saturday I took my old intern to brunch (still getting use to the fact I can say that. . .and LOVING having interns). I worked some that morning since Obama announced his VP choice and got my NY Times email on his choice before I got my text from Barack, but still totally loving how tech savvy the whole campaign is. Saturday night I went to my buddy Sammy's housewarming in Spanish Harlem. It was great to see some of my old magazine buddies and met some new one's, including Chris an EA at People.
A really cool guy. Then it was time to make my exit to head over to Yasmine's karaoke bday party, which was sooo her (looking like an American Apparel model), and a blast.
I broke out one of my dresses I planned on saving for the fall lineup and took the mic for "Bills, Bills, Bills" Only now do I wonder if my personal life and the song choice were related . . .

Sunday church was phenomenal! Went home and finally got more of my stuff settled. Then headed to Chelsea to meet my pseudo Aleksandr Petrovsky for drinks. Which turned into him wanting to take me for Italian. Hadnt seen this guy in months since he's in and out of the country directing commercials, and I admit one of the main reasons I go out to meet him is to hear of his amazing travels. So the first spot is super crowded (and cute). We head around the corner to another spot on Houston called Bar Pitti. Wait is better and we sit on the bench and chat. Cool spot that has doubled in size in summer with tables all on the side walk. I see a girl who looks like Lindsay Lohan walk past and enter the restaurant. Me and my little cuz went crazy for Mean Girls a few years back, and those quotes still are classic:). Turns our it is her, her her mom and her girl pal Sam. I thought it was cool. But remember, Im with Aleksandr, so they arent on his radar, and I wanna appear cool so I dont harp on it. When they go out for a cig break, the paparazzi have suddenly appeared and its a weird frenzy before they walk back in. Later that night I casually mentioned it to my new People mag buddy, as we do our nice-to-meet-ya facebook chat, and then he asks for more details. I tell him I wasnt on my mamarazzi tip, and almost wish I were. He still got enough and I was pleasently surprised to get this link from People.com:)

I always was told I had stars in my eyes . . . Truth is so much cooler than fiction.

- CJ

*Love that song by Janelle Monae. I wont start to ramble on how much I adore her. And she really has blown up. Heard her song on the Lipstick Jungle commercial whil watching Project Runway. Kinda a big deal . . .