First Impressions

August 12, 2008
So here is my work cube and across the street neighbor J. He keeps me up on the latest pop culture (read gossip) each day, along with hilarious stories of his friends and family . . .he's definitely my crazy cousin you aint like at first but slowly wins you over (I can feel the side eye:)

And now he's sharing his craziness with the world on his new blog, I Am Not Impressed (yet another funny story on his mom not being impressed with too much). I guess Ill share s
ince I get the live versions each day. I think everyone deserves an actor friend becau
se every story becomes a full out production, and you know I love a good story (the one with Loretta Devine and another with Lil Kim wasting her drink on his suede outfit . . .CLASSIC) 
Though, we may be cool but he still will never be given a pass to use my name and SMASH in the same sentence. Show some respect, boi! 

And yes, this is the same one I was killing in our hip hop dance class at NY Sports Club . . .lol

 His amazing discovery of the mystery of Will Smith's hairline is classic. And speaking of Will, You can also check Jonte in Hitch doing this strut in the pool scene looking real Shazza from Different World back when they both had locs:) I was almost impressed . . .


  1. Anonymous said...:

    OMG....how'd he get a spot in the Get to Clickin' section soo flickin' fast....green with envy right now, and note: Green makes me look pale, so not my color!