All Moved!

August 18, 2008

So, deciding to step up my blog game in the middle of moving and busy times at work, wasnt the most thought out plan . .but I got heart:) We dont have wireless yet. TimeWarner says 4 to 6 weeks . . .booooo, well maybe not since mama just got her 401K together and hopes you continue to love TimeWarner:) Weekend was fab. Moved the last of my stuff, after some movers tried to get over me, a friend made me wonder if you arent a friend when Im in need, are you really a friend indeed? And its sooooo good to be out of the old place and start the next chapter of life with bills in my own name.
Saturday night me and the girls bar hopped in Harlem and laughed till our ribs hurt. This one tall guy was GETTING it at The Den doing the Urkel dance . . .

And yesterday was fab. Mom called as she was leaving brunch with her crew after early morning church. And wouldnt you know they had just heard my pastor here at First Corinthian! Everything thing came together beautifully for my summer closeout Charm Trunk Sale! After hunting around harlem for some stools with no luck, I settled on the fact it would be like a real store . . .sparse seating. Folks didnt seem to mind. I felt the love and was just excited to be doing something I love. We grabbed dinner at Amy Ruth's (in the process of booking our Puerto Rico get away so thats the last Whiting and Waffles for a while:) Girl talk got raunchy and real . . .