We Need a Resolution

August 10, 2008
So . . .

I haven't been bringing my A Game lately. As an overachiever in life in general, my quarter-century crisis set in early:). And luckily so has the recovery so I am stepping it up on the full time, the side hustle, my personal relationships, and of course the blogging.

Im not gonna front . . .I live a charmed life and have little to complain about. Thus, I gotta share more of the joys and dramas of New York City living. This weekend I moved more of my stuff to the new place, and was a big girl going and buying my first bed:). Friday me and India hit Bennihanas (I didn't know they were in NY) and again traveling friends keep me thinking of a master plan, especially after meeting with a (one day my) book editor and my neighbor across the street Rakia earlier this week, another peach skraight from the Dec! Looking at an amazing view over Central Park in Columbus Circle, I felt a certain excitement of living in the capitol of the world I hadn't felt in a while. 

And I got a bone to pick with all my NYC girls . . .how come no one sent the memo Daffy's sells Tracy Reese? I made up for lost time with that sale they were having:)

And as if the blog angels knew I was not feeling the sub par blogging Ive been doing after being a self-proclaimed Queen to Be for over two years, I discovered my camera cord while packing my heavy suitcase of beauty products (perks of publishing . . .BEAUTY SALES . . .and only at the E are there rumors of folks getting upset when one shopper scooped up all the high-quality weave:). So now that I am back in the photo business, I really feel official.

So . . .I am stepping it up all around and feel free to let me know if you have any ways I can improve. After the Kanye show at Madison Square Garden (It was an amazing show . . .not sure how another date will top the world premiere of Jocking Jay-Z by the man himself:), they were giving out books by Kanye and I flipped to a page that said "Critiques are much more beneficial than Compliments", and I smiled. I had just had a critique so I felt that was the universe telling me to step it up!

This pic shows what happens when you dont . . .the mail folks just went ahead and created me a new name I guess after my supervisor called to get my mailbox. The lady has went on to leave the job to take her growing nail business full time and more power to her! Note to us all to follow your dreams . . .so you dont butcher folk's names:) They were happy to fix it, but I gotta admit . . .it's defintiely phonetic . . .


  1. Gigi & Nini said...:

    I so feel what you're saying. There comes a time when the A game some how wanders into A- territory. We all have those minor slip ups at times. However, I look forward to reading more as you write more. :)

  1. shara said...:

    sharia? that might be my first daughter's name. HA! :)

  1. lilkunta said...:

    I think u should recheck 'sharia' as a name. 'Sharia' is the name of Islamic religious law.