After Brandy & Ray J: Bringing Back the Love

April 12, 2010

After two seasons of Ray J's Flavor Flav style "search for love," I didnt plan on liking his new show with Brandy.

But I do.

When his dominating mom Sonja Norwood gets on the camera and says how she is ready to get her own life again and work on her marriage my ears perked up.

In the year of the Tiger-like scandals, and Beyonce's dad Mathew admitting he has a new son younger than his grandson, it's refreshing to see a couple working on making it work.

These are two people who realize where they went a little wrong (Brandy and Ray J are old enough to be handling their own lives and mess ups!), and are working on their relationship after raising a family.

Where she's loud, he's quiet. Where she needs a plan, he's a let it flow type of guy. I know I'm not the only one who can relate to opposites working out quite nicely:)

Then the show mixes in some inevitable fighting between Ray and Brandy, as their relationship evolves.

We met Ray-J over a decade ago as Brandy's brother. And now she's working to not become known as Ray-J's sister. He took a low blow saying to her "Check my bank account" during a disagreement in a office meeting, alluding to the fact he may be funding more of the family business now. But I cant say a word as my last argument with my brother ended with me ready to physically fight . . .

So for someone starved to see the Black middle class on TV, this real family with real ish, and working to keep the family strong is definitely filling a void.

Ray J and Brandy: A Family Business airs Sunday evenings on VH1. Plan on watching?