Full Moon

August 5, 2009
That's what my boss quoted for a overflowing day and I agree. As I type at my desk, Sherlock is on the phone and shares details from his interesting day (read: airs his frustrations from incompetent coworkers, that's what girlfriends are for)

And I just am trying to not let anything slip through the cracks as I scurry along. Went to family reunion over the weekend which was a lot of fun, but meant getting everything done before hand to get out and have a good time.

I ate. I ate. I ATE. Fried fish, okra, peas, mac and cheese, BBQ chicken, watermelon and the rest. My dad had put out the word on the new boy and all wanted details. it is absolutely hilarious to me how my dating life and my dad's have parallelled in the last few years. We both were in the first few dates phase two years back and it was like talking to one of my girlfriends as I told details and he did the same. That feeling of your heart beating and you lips smiling when you are feeling on the way to possibly being in love isnt just for kids. As he drove me to the airport Sunday, he asked more questions on Sherlock and I told him of a chance to meet him in a few weeks. On our layover, coming back from Puerto Rico.

My dad was happy we were happy and shared of his own recent trip with his girlfriend a few weeks before to the beach.

My mom's response the day earlier was a little different. A few months back I mistakenly let it slip we were thinking of going to Jamaica. In that way parents jokingly say something but mean it she said he did not have her permission to take me out of the country. I respect her too much to remind her Im a little grown. I may think Im Miss Independent who got her own, but mom quickly reminds me Im baby girl.

So thats how I started the talk after Friday night's fish fry. I respect your wishes, so we are going to Puerto Rico, a US Territory. HA. And yes I know I probably will remember this moment when my own daughter finds a loophole in my words. Though she wasnt ecstatic, she was happy for me and to meet this guy all the way up in NY hanging with her only daughter.

Back at the office this week has been flying.

Today walked Eva Marcille around the office and was cracking up as her and her hair stylist knew all the words for "Tardy for the Party," Kim's song from the Atlanta Housewives.

Time to head out . ..
*picture of me and my lil cousin lil Wayne (he's a junior. HA) He writes and sings his own music. he's six;)


  1. random question: when did eva pigford become eva marcille....and why?

  1. Arlice Nichole said...:

    This was slick how you turned that around on your mom and opted for a U.S. destination.

    @Candace Frederick, I actually like Eva Marcille better. Assuming this is her middle name, I think the first and middle names together as one is a trend:

    Alesha Renee
    Brooke Jasmyn
    Briana Marie or B. Marie
    Arlice Nichole, LOL!