A Family Affair

June 2, 2010
I didnt fall off the face of the Earth, I promise. With Memorial Day officially kicking off summer, it's far past time for an update.

All is well in my world, as these 8 pounds Ive picked up in the last 8 months prove. Blame it on dating a man who can really cook!

I spent Memorial Day weekend with my boyfriend Steph and his family in the Poconos, celebrating his grandad's birthday. Yes, that's his real name. After a year together, I can retire the Sherlock moniker. Yay! The funniest part of the trip was the fact his 2 year old nephew and 82 year old granddad both seemed to be a little sweet on me:)

We considered the trip our sneak peak into what life in the suburbs would be like for us. He rented a mini van and I was navigator as he drove us, his sister, nephew, mom and great-aunt from the big city to small town Pennsylvania. We passed many deer and other animals along the way. I was a bit nervous about meeting a lot of people from his family. But it turned to be an amazing time. I got a little wide-eyed as his cousin's husband, a pediatrician, told me I was two years away from a woman's fertility peak, but his wife, a doctor herself, let me know it was a scare tactic to get us moving on babydom. Whew.  Around 35 is still when the drop happens.

We got back Sunday and the next morning I moved into a fab new apartment with one of my best friends and loving it already. That afternoon, I was in heaven to skip barbecues and block parties and head straight to Target and load up the van for supplies for the new spot. Just as I was trying on suburban life and considering taking it home, it was time to return to Sex and the City mode and head back to work in the fashion and beauty PR world.

I am thoroughly enjoying my new gig and stretching myself in new directions. It also doesn't hurt that I'm actually getting paid to be on Facebook for part of the day.

The gig and new apartment have allowed me to see myself from different angles and its been enlightening, to say the least. My mom is coming to town next weekend for her belated Mother's Day gift, tickets to see Denzel in Fences. I didnt get the tickets I wanted and paid almost double for the ones I did get. BUT, all's well that ends well. Keeping on my happy face.