Six Reasons We're Loving Omarosa’s Dating Show

June 22, 2010
Black women have gotten mostly cast as loud, money-hungry, power-hungry or just hungry on reality TV since the Real World began and MTV was still playing music. We appreciated VH1 trying to clean up its act this year with "Let's Talk About Pep," Chilli's dating show and the Ray-J and Brandy clan, but that may have all been canceled out with "Basketball Wives."

Then, enter Omarosa’s new dating show. It's funny, and what most of our mommas teach us to be above all else, classy. Here are six reasons we are tuning in.

#6 Brother, May I
Let’s start with the obvious. Eleven clean-cut and successful Black men interested in possibly being in a relationship with a Black woman? We're in.
In a time when the media is blasting that there are no "good" Black men, it’s great to see the invisible black man given some shine. Of course a few are probably looking for more personal gain than actually settling down, but at least it’s a reminder that the dating pool isn’t as dry as the NYTimes and ABC like to report.

#5 Success is Nothing . . .
Omarosa has used her not-so-positive reputation to her advantage. And her new show proves she may be smarter and more likeable than she’s been given credit for. With all her degrees and success, she is honest that she would still like a companion to share her life with and build to that next level, while breaking down the successful Black woman “I don’t NEEEED a man” image.

#4 Holler, she want prenup.
When Omarosa had the guys sign a prenup, some cringed. We smiled. So many of the Black women on reality TV now are famous not for their own talents, but the guy they once dated (Basketball Wives, Housewives of Atlanta, Tiny and Toya, etc.) It’s good to see a woman who pulled herself up by her own stilettos.

#3 Power of Partnership

Even if it is overdramatized for TV, the name of this show hits home. Calling it The Ultimate Merger is a reminder that marriage is the most powerful partnership and that it impacts every aspect of our lives. You can be a movement by yourself, but why not be a force together?

#2 Praying Man-tis
In so many dating shows, it’s overly superficial and pretty obvious the main person isn’t even really looking for love (We're looking at you Ray-J). Omarosa is taking her quest serious and enlists the help of her spiritual adviser. Glad she realizes marriage is a spiritual bond, centered on something bigger than ourselves.

#1 Al B. Sure
His entrance alone with his Louis V garment bag slung over his shoulder had us glued to the screen. Add to the fact that Al and O have already dated, and the seasoned singer is the sweet icing on this addictive cake.

Are you hooked too?

Catch The Ultimate Merger every Thursday at 10pm on TVOne.