Why I love living in Harlem

October 28, 2010

Got an email from Black Atlas about Marcus Samuellson's new restaurant in Harlem called Red Rooster.   I was already excited about his new spot being on me and my roomie's block, and this video only added to my joy.

The red door next to the Maysles Cinema at :55 is our building. Luckily the Fried Chicken spot has closed and we are getting a new African/French bistro downstairs!

As you can see in this video, Harlem includes the diversity of our heritage and history as people of color. From high brow art to low hanging pants, it's all us.

Some of my favorite spots are featured including the Studio Museum (free on Sundays!) and 67 Orange. I'm glad Marcus is using his celebrity to spotlight our part of town. I happily shared with him a few weeks back that I had one of the t-shirts he designed for Target and he grinned right back.

Moving on up, uptown,


  1. It's a must see place to visit.