It feels good to be a Black woman

November 20, 2010
This post started on Nov. 6th and I kept hoping to finish this post this a few weeks ago, (yeah I know):

I am so happy to be a Black woman. And this weekend feels like our coming out party.
"For Colored Girls" is in theaters and I definitely encourage people to see it, regardless of your race, gender or feelings on Tyler Perry. I had the pleasure to interview writer Ntozake Shange on her work being adapted for the film and her life. And her honesty was refreshing and invigorating.
Being so starved to see faces like mine on screen with stories I can relate to.

Also excited for Black Girls Rock! The show was AMAZING and excited to tune in again. That's me, Jess and Charanna at the taping.

Update: So Black Girls Rock was historic and eems I even had a cameo. The calls and Facebook updates came in of friends who spotted me at the show. Exciting to be a part of a great moment for Black women and motivated to continue to share our stories and to be a leg as Ms. Ruby Dee so elegantly stated. My crazy and oh so cool buddy Jessica even took a screen grab of us at the show after the dynamic "Four Women" performance.

I was surprised that so many Black men had something bad to say on "For Colored Girls." But my insightful boyfriend may have a clue. Sitting in Kitchenette after a packed matinee of the film, I asked him would he recommend it to his guy friends. His reply was simple. "Naw. They not ready for that. May hit too close to home."

Happy November!


  1. Mommy Glow said...:

    Hi, I'm a new visitor and follower. I am also very proud to be a black women! I saw For Colored Girls on opening day and I was so thrilled at the amount of pple who went to see the film. It was a true emotional roller coaster for me but a must see film. I think your bf was right with his comment. Many people dont like to bright light to situations they are embarrassed or ashamed about.

  1. Charreah said...:

    Thanks Mommy Glow! I agree