Thoughts on My First Love

December 3, 2010

From Heart & Soul.com:

In my relationships workshops with teens and college students, I always ask about their first love. What was the person like? What did you like about them?
After smiles and talk of childhood sweethearts, I kindly burst their bubbles (sorry ladies).
Like most women, my first love is mom dukes. It is the original relationship and the first person’s acceptance and love we crave.
And last week I got to spend some time with my first love. I got to be surrounded by the first arms I ran to feel around me, and curl up in the first shoulder nook I claimed ownership to.
The older I get the younger my mother gets to me. I am increasingly able to see her as a woman complete with her own desires and dreams, and not just my shield and comforter. I flipped through old pictures and along with wishing they had saved me some of the fab clothes, I felt closer to the women in my family seeing pictures of them through the years.
These ladies did a lot for me to have the freedoms I enjoy, including living out my dreams in New York and heading to a book party tonight to celebrate the release of “Daring to Be Ourselves” by Marianne Schnall.
The book features quotes from inspiring women including Maya Angelou, Gloria Steinem, Cameron Diaz, Eve Ensler, Kerry Washington, many other phenomenal women . . .  and Charreah Jackson.
After the shock (read intimidation) and excitement of being included, I wondered what I said that was being published alongside game changers and poet laureates.  When I got my copy in the mail, I could only smile.
Under the section of what inspires you, there I was quoted about how seeing my grandmother and the powerful women before me do so much with a little kept me moving, along with wanting to do the same for my own granddaughters. I had shared that with Marianne more than a year before, a few months after losing my grandmother.
So tonight I am celebrating my first love, her first love, and the power that comes from standing on fabulous shoulders
Check out “Daring to Be Ourselves” now on sale: http://www.daringtobeourselves.com/


  1. Martini said...:

    Hi there. My sister sent me the Lorraine Hansberry quote. and after a bit of googling, I stumbled on your site. I'm very much enjoying your blog. Back to reading.

  1. Charreah said...:

    Aww. Thanks! And I LOVE me some Lorraine!! You have a great sister:)

  1. Mommy Glow said...:

    Wow. Powerful. If someone were to ask me who my 1st love was. I'd instantly say my first real relationship. The 1st person I said I love you too. Very interesting that we graze over the very woman whose womb we grew in. The woman who was there to nurse us, feed us, and kiss little boo-boo's. Our Mothers are our first loves, and its such a revelation for me. This makes me wanna write my mama a real special christmas card. We aren't as close as I want, but there is no better time than the present to share with the people we love our truest of emotions. Thank you for sharing and will be checking our daring to be ourselves.

  1. Charreah said...:

    I know I'm all late. But thanks Mommy Glow! And hope you made that card:)