Guilty as Charged

May 6, 2006
Okay. Okay. So I have gone a little template happy. Searching blogger world for the perfect 'look' for my blog. But then I realized all the time I have spent looking for something visual to capture my vibe, I have slacked on my postings.
I haven't shared all the fun I had last weekend going to dinner in Georgetown and expanding my drinking repertoire with one of my favorite people, Shani O , or going to Pearl and Lucky Strike last Saturday with Anya and Celeste and seeing my baby Ludacris, the cutie Tyrese, and the wack one - Nick Cannon.
I haven't shared the stress of getting ALLLLL my crap out of my room and figuring out how me and Justin would put all our stuff into Blackberry Molasses, my Cavalier. I didn't tell you how I fooled Celeste on Wednesday to 'ride to Virginia' with me which equaled a 45 minute ride just to get there as she was drafted to help me unpack a car load of my stuff at my mom's friend and line sister's house, who was very happy to see us since she and her husband don't have kids - and her lab was even happier to see Celeste as he left his mark (and hair) all over my best bud.
So in realizing how much I haven't shared, I decided to bring it back to the basics and stop trying to be something Im not (I'll save all the design stuff for myspace:) and just do what I do best - write.



  1. Michael said...:

    I wanna bowl and drink and eat, too. :( But I'm glad you've settled on a layout.

  1. Anonymous said...:

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