My weekend and my love for DSGBs

May 8, 2006
Welcome home me!!!!!!!!
This weekend was a real treat. After driving all day Thursday from D.C. (well, I drove the first 3 hours and Justin did the rest;) I enjoyed a lazy morning on Friday. I mean, I don't think I am the only one who has missed having the Disney channel and the Oxygen channel at Howard. In the midst of my That's so Raven, Living Single and Different World marathon, the door bell rings. Looking a mess I scramble to grab a scarf to cover my buckwheat-inspired hair and put some shorts on under my big comfy tee. I get to the door and ask who is it and the sound of my nosey yet loving neighbor announces herself. I open the door and my eyes are immediately drawn to the ground.
Standing before me are about eight of the cutest 2 year olds I have ever seen. I am so excited and shocked to see these little people standing on my doorstep. My neighbor quickly tells them say it, "welcome home Charreah" Some sort of mumble it as they look at me in as much awe as I am looking at them. I quickly step from behind the screen and scoop one of them up. I am amazed and excited as some start to spell their names for me and haven't even had their 2nd birthday.
Later that day my dad and my sister come to town, as kick off the celebration for my sister's 7th birthday. Me being the procrastinator I am and enjoying my Oxygen, wait till time is tight to run out and get her some presents and some decorations. Deja (my sister) and my dad get to my house just as I am putting up the last of the streamers.
The birthday weekend was great - even if I did mess up on the Rice Krispie treats.
We cooked out Saturday and so did my friend since kindergarten, Andrea,'s family up the street. I took my sister up there to play with all them bad ass kids and jump on the trampoline and so I could hang with Andrea
It was straight out of any black movie. The drunk aunties and cousins singing loud on the porch to some oldies. Kids running through the house with the water guns from Deja's grab bags. And me having a good time laughing at the drunk people, eating some of the best potato(e?) salad I have ever had outside of my great-aunt Glennie Mae's in Baltimore and finally feeling like school is really over for the year and I am now officially a Senior!
As it got later, we turned to Dae-Dae (Mike Epps) comedy special on HBO on the big screen in the family room. Though we couldn't hear the first half because of the howling outside of Karoke gone wrong, I wouldn't have heard it anyway because I was too busy checking out my new crush, a true DSGB. I mean, I usually don't go for the rough neck and though I liked the song I never wanted a soldier like destiny's children. But this guy was sooo sexy with his white tee, white 'A' hat and this tattoo on his neck. He is the 'brother' - im not sure if play-play (lol, Yasmine will get it)or real of my Andrea's boyfriend Tae (short for philante - sp.?)
unfortunately, my confidence was shook cuz I was bummy b/c her family considers me one of their own and I was just going up the street and my buckwheat was stuffed under a hat, so I sort shied away, even though I knew he was checking me out. Oh well. Maybe next time. At least my sister had a fantastic birthday and I enjoyed my first weekend back home. I def plan on getting the info on him when I talk to Andrea later today. And Sweet Auburn Fest is this weekend, which is always a ball!!!