Is Dating Dead?

November 8, 2006
Sitting here watching Drumline after catching Borat last weekend. I don't mean to brag, but watching Drumline always makes me nostalgic for High School and proud I went to the best school ever!
Really, I could have been in the film a lot more than a little dot during the BET Classic in the Georgia Dome and been in the A&T band- had i actually stayed in my high school band.
But that one little claim to fame wasn't worth the serious hours and dedication my friends had to have to be in the almighty Southwest Dekalb Band. And I'll admit it. I like the spotlight. And if I put in all that time I need a solo or something:)
Watching the movie I love seeing friends and people I know and more importantly just something I can relate to even more now that im actually in college.
But the part that got me inspired to write was when Zoe Saldana busts out "We don't date, we have boyfriends." Now I'm all for making it official with your boo of choice, especially as it starts to get colder, but how do you get to boyfriend status without testing the waters first? And why would you want that type of commitment from a stranger?

I am just now getting in to the swing of dating. Though I may have a crush I'd love to settle down with, for the time being I am enjoying seeing what's out there. I honestly feel black people don't date like other cultures and that's where we mess up

Maybe I need to stop watching movies for insight into relationships, but in this other movie I was watching (don't laugh, but yes, hilary duff was in it), one of the guys said, "Love is Friendship Set on Fire." I thought that was a really interesting way to categorize a good relationship. I mean, we all want to marry someone who have we have a great friendship with, but for me it's been harder to do the friends route because I clam up more because you already know me. And that crush? Well I know I put it out there that "I don't want no Fly guy, I just want a shy guy," but I didn't mean too shy to holla. Geesh. Must I do all the work:)?

Thanks for listening.
Rambling Queen.