Faithful in the NFL

September 29, 2009

Gasp. There are good guys who happen to play a sport for a living. And I had the pleasure of interviewing one.

Meet Thomas Jones, everything you thought an NFL player wasn't.

Yeah, he rocks the big diamonds, Gucci belts and plenty of tats. But he's also finishing his Master's degree in Education, and still says yes ma'am and no sir to his parents - who happen to be married for 35 years and raised seven kids (they had to take two trips to church on Sundays to get everybody there in their one car).

He has shown his little brother the ropes, who also plays professional football, and shares proudly how happy he was to retire his mom, after she worked 20 years in a Virgina coal mine.

As I sat and chatted with this man, I was estatic to see guys like him existed and hope more people encounter Black men like that - who credit their dads for their success (Niema has a great post on the impact a good day makes up now), who give back till it hurts a little, know where to give credit for the success to, and appreciate the love of a strong and spiritual woman - his happens to be actress Megan Good.

He's not perfect. But he is trying his best and making a difference.


  1. this is refreshing. thanks for the post!