Hair Hoppin'

September 2, 2009
Last night I had a ball at Eniola's bday party at Aspen on 22nd. Walking to the spot I see Catch 22 is closed. Wasnt I just there for a Harlem Heights event in the spring? Time's a changing . . .

And this picture made me think of a topic early at work: the phrase Hair Hoppers. Our fashion and beauty editor wanted to know if I thought it would be offensive. Not at all. I am the queen of Hair Hopping. I go straight, curly, long pony tail, tight puff, and sometimes all in one week.

Its no secret I LOVE Living Single and coined this my Regine season about a year ago, fully allowing myself to try out new styles and mix and mingle with new guys at my fancy (cue Lorraine Hansberry's quote;).

So I did check out of the dating scene but my hair hopping continues, especially in the transition i find myself in returning back to natural hair, after a short perm stint.

Im giving my hair a break and been rocking a full sew-in that I got right before Puerto Rico to be able to swim at will with none of the Black woman hair holdups. It brings me back to getting crochet braids for a full year in 6th grade. My BFF still loves to laugh at those days and my braids, but you couldnt tell me a thing as I went every six weeks like clock work to get my real hair cornrowed and each braid literally crocheted to my cornrow. It took my short and damaged hair to down past my shoulders and my hair was healthy and blowing by the time I headed to middle school for 7th grade. thanks Ms. Sheila:)

Which also brings me to my issue with all this hoopla over Tyra Banks wearing just her natural next week . . .anyone who has had ll there hair cornrowed will tell you how much their hair grew. So five years of having most of your hair stored to grow and get healthy has me believing her hair will be looking long, and close to her usual do, thanks to her tight weave cycle . . .we shall see . . .

For now I'm continuing my hair hopping


  1. Renaissance said...:

    I had "interlocks" too!!!! That's what we called them. Rocked them like there was no tomorrow.

    Still trying to figure out my next phase. Every time I think I'm letting my hair the urge kicks in for a fresh cut :)