Back to work . . .

January 17, 2010

I know it's been a minute, and please excuse the delay:) But I come bearing plenty of updates.

Right after interviewing for the job and turning in the edit test, the Christmas holidays came. Me and the boyfriend spent Christmas in New York and had a blast.

On Christmas Eve we finally saw the Xtreme Mammals exhibit at the Natural History Museum.

And two days after Christmas, we were on a train to Connecticut to celebrate his birthday at a Bed and Breakfast I found online (Im always on the prowl for a good deal and found a great one:). Then we were back in the city to celebrate New Year's Eve as one of his friends came to town.

I had an extra reason to smile as we brought in the next decade. A few hours before heading out, as snow flakes fell to the ground I got a call I had advanced to the next phase for the job and would be speaking the next week with the client I would possibly be working with.

Refelctive as 2010 began, I headed to the potential job's office for the conference call with the client. And I was feeling I overprepared, as I walked out not sure what they thought of me and thinking, "Is that it?"

And it was. Two days later I got a call and was offered the job. It felt (feels) surreal that it all happened so fast, and replying to a posting on MediaBistro has lead to so much. I didnt have long to think it over as I reviewed the offer letter, while editing the tropical clothes I was taking to Mexico the next day. I prayed, then replied to the email, and accepted the job.

At 9am the next morning I was in a cab to the airport. Along with celebrating the 26th birthday of one of my favorite people, I got some R&R in before going back to a day job.

I came back excited for an awesome new opportunity as the Social Media Editor at a fashion and beauty PR firm.

I also vowed to myself to use the knowledge I had gained with my past work experience including these promises to myslef:

1) Use EVERY Vacation Day

2) Remember perception reality, look at yourself through other people's eyes

3) Have a full life outside of your job. It will help keep everything in perspective as you work hard

4) Write down what you want out of the experience and be sure to achieve those goals

5) Always remember your worth!

Thanks for all the support!


  1. i like your goals. nice postr. welcome back to the blogosphere!

  1. All I could think after I read this post is how much I love your spirit, resilience and energy. You are really enjoying your life - all parts of your life. And I am proud of you. Congrats on the new gig and your blessed life.

  1. Nicole said...:

    Charreah, your spirit inspires me beyond words. So blessed to call you my friend, girlie :)I love the advice you give about writing down your goals. I can attest. Every year at the first of the year since 2007 I write down a journal entry of declarations and goals for my health, relationships, spirit, career, etc, and I thank God He's allowed me to fulfill many of those declarations PLUS more than I could have dreamed :) Here's to another beautiful year to you and yours!

  1. Darby said...:

    hey hon! It's been awhile since I came to the blog, but I'm so glad I just did! Congratulations!!!

    and I totally LOVE your promises. They are so key.

  1. congrats!this blog is extremely inspiring for me....god bless!

  1. Anonymous said...: