Cut up my V-Card, I just got laid.

January 31, 2010

My bf shares his story of getting laid for the first time . . .

I remember it like it was yesterday, Oct. 14th 2009, the first time I ever got laid.

It started like any other day until I was called into a closed-door meeting w/ my director. I got a strange feeling of deja vu. It started with: “There's no easy way for me to say this...” Right there, I knew. I did my best to hold in my smile as she continued. “...We’ve had some major budget cuts and we have to let you go.” I smiled and cracked a few jokes as we went over the details and I left her office smiling from ear to ear. You see I had dreamt this whole scenario about a week before it actually happened. When I awoke I was happier than a fat kid at a cake convention.

Some of my co-workers were a little nervous as they were in line to be called in and didn’t know what to expect. They asked me what my meeting was about, but I told them it was nothing major and kept the news to myself.

By the time we had the official dept. meeting I was totally out of work mode. I had stopped my ‘to do’ list and shredded it with no intentions of looking back. At some point in the meeting one of my coworkers burst into tears as she started her farewell speech. It was pretty good, so good I found myself whispering ’end scene’ as she finished.

After the meeting I spoke with some of my coworkers and was my usual smiling joking self. Those that were staying offered their sympathy but this wasn’t a sad time for me. I felt like that guy at a funeral who tells everyone: “Don’t be sad, it’s a celebration and that’s what the deceased would want.” They didn’t know how to take my good mood. Which compounded the strangeness of it all since I was the ‘deceased’ In this case.

My last day was Friday, October 16th, 2009. I packed my personal belongings over the preceding 2 days and even was gifted a large bottle of Hennessey as well as taken out on a final team lunch with several of my coworkers.

I was distinctly reminded of my graduation from College. A bittersweet moment in time when goodbyes are said; and although you’re happy that its over, you know things will never be the same again. With my ‘V’ card officially handed in I popped the bottle of Hennessey and poured cups for all who were up for a drink. We drank until the bottle was done. I sent my farewell email along with an important note to myself. As I walked outside to catch a cab my blackberry vibrated with a new message. It was the note I had just sent.

It said “Welcome, to the rest of your life Steph.”


  1. April said...:

    This is excellent! So well written and has much potential. My story is similar except I actually quit my job before the economic downturn. Take a look at my blog, I definitely think you will find it helpful. Keep writing even if you don't think anyone is reading, trust me...they are.



  1. Anna said...:

    What a great share of your positive attitude. Ppl forget that when a door closes it is only allowing for another opportunity that we did not even foresee.
    I found this site from a post on BMWK. I will add this site to my favs.