New Blog: Love Jones Lane

January 31, 2010

So I know I seem to have a new blog like every five minutes, but this ones been on my heart A LONG time and I finally just sat down and did it. (beefed up my skills a little as well, using websites and tips to build it and create a logo myself:)

Welcome to Love Jones Lane, a new place to celebrate and discuss strong relationships and real love.

The media returned the spotlight to Black women being single and scared, and I finally had enough.

So far gone from the idea that we could have the lives and families we dreamed of that it didnt take anyone else to call us bitter bitches. We did it ourselves.

Of course, there is no denying to great work to be done to rebuild relationships between Black men and women, and our families.

For February, each weekday a love story of people of color in love and committed to making it work will post. And this is a community, so please feel free to write and send stories or leads to black couples, at love@lovejoneslane.com